Pixel Bitch



Marco Telmo Martins aka Pixel Bitch VJ

Born in 1975, graduated at art shool ESAD – Caldas da Rainha, Portugal in the curse of Plastic Artes.

In pursuing of a career, Marco is now a professional in the area of scenography and stage design for the most different kind of events, television, theatre and cinema.

A long career that started in 1998 for the event EXPO 98 at Lisbon.

But never forgot his artistic intent of creating plastic arts, in this field soon he opted for the artistic expression using Video and projection mapping.

In this field Marco Telmo Martins is very active has a Visual Artist using the name Pixel Bitch, having presented work national and international has a VJ live mapping.

Some of the most important achievements for that to happen started in 2007 with his first video mapping installation called “The Other Side of a Window”, a work was done at a time where mapping was still starting and de software almost didn´t exist to do this kind of video projection.

We can see this first video at the link below has part of his online portfolio.

Exploring this field of expression he has been presenting work as a Clubbing VJ but also has a video mapper with important presentations, like the participation at the LPM – Live Performers Meeting for the last three years at this international meeting of the area of live video performance.

He also has been present at several events and projects like the video mapping presentation at Gimarães Noc Noc, the international festival of chocolate in Óbidos or experimental projects of micro-mapping over ceramics and other supports.

Marco Martins is also the responsible for co-creating several Audiovisual projects, being the most important, the Music\Band called “Flying Codfish” a project with live video and music, the collective “3D go home” with experimental video and electronic experimental music, and probably the most important [re+act(ion)]AV, a platform for the visual AV art with the intention of programming events and create relation beetwin artists in the field.

We can see his online portfolio at: