3 D Go Home



The project 3D Go Home is the mixture between what you see and what you feel, not necessarily in that order, but, the mixture is there. Sometimes harmonic and sometimes chaotic.
Performance, live act, happening, experimentation, you can label it or, you can be there.

3D G Home @ LPM -Live Performers Meeting 2015



3D Go Home – [The case of the missing little children at Caldas da Rainha´s Park, Quack! ] @ [re+act(ion)]AV Caldas da Rainha, Silos Contentor Criativo – 23 Fev. 2016

By 3D Go Home: Visual Performance of Pixel Bitch, O_iElectricista, Aisa Araújo and Nelson Rodrigues. The live act 3D Go Home creates harmonies and chaos of experimentation free, exploiting the unforeseen between images and sounds based on loops, vocalizations manipulated, texts changed, the noise and the error.

In “the case of the missing little children at Caldas da Rainha’s park, Quack !” adds to the noise space-visual creations textual based on “The case of little children missing” of Luis Pacheco, that were been developed during the work of the specific site on Caldas da Rainha – with a focus on the ceramic and the special relationship that the town has with the phallus, a joint committee between the worship and modesty.

3D Go Home crew

Pixel Bitch


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Nelson Rodrigues